Are you keen on Golf?
Take your Golf equipment with you then!!
Aquiraz Riviera is at just 3 minutes drive from us.







During the construction of the Golf Course we fell in love with this amazing sport that every time we can, we practice in our "tropical" swing.

18 holes through 72 with a total amount of 7322 yards the Aquiraz Riviera Golf Course is of the type (Link) and it has been planned by the Architect Donald Steel.. The plan focuses on nature in fact the course stands on an important permanent nature reserve among the dunes with a spectacular view of the ocean.


Driving range already available. 9 holes starting from September 2009.
Estimated time of completion May 2010.


  • Driving Range of 325 Yards for 30 players
  • Putting Green 1300sqmClub House with Restaurant, Bar, LCD with golf programs (06.30h - 19.00h)
  • Pro shop
  • Golf equipment on hire
  • Golf carts e Pull carts
  • Caddies
  • Golf trainers
  • Tee Times reserve
  • Changing rooms

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