If you already practice this amazing sport you should be aware that Ceará is the kite surfing paradise. A plus point of the area is the total lack of mass tourism that leaves you the opportunity to enjoy your sport with two or three sails at most, in a range of 10km!!!







Constant winds never under 13 knots all through a long season from June until December you can enjoy the water, calm in the lagoons or surfing the waves. We would suggest our property to all those kiters who love never ending and solitary dow wind spending a good time with the company of a soul mate or a family.
Forget about Cumbuco, Jeri o Paracuru.........there is only our house and the ocean!!.



  • HOME SPOT: kite surfing just in front of the house. This activity is indicated to those who are already competent in this sport as the waves are quite hard to ride and the ocean is rarely calm. Wind's direction is side off during the morning and it turns side in the afternoon
  • The lagoons: at just two kilometres you will find the Iguape, Barro Preto and Prainha lagoons. For those who wish to spend the whole day kite surfing the Caponga and Barra Nova lagoons are easily reachable by jeep or dune buggy along the shore. These charming lagoons are suitable either for beginners or experts.
  • "o pontao": this point break has extraordinary potentialities. With active swell it allows you to surf in the morning with a side off wind and a fully shaped wave that slowly breaks towards the bay. This unique spot is the perfect scene for tricks and jumps, taking advantage of every single part of the wave. Feel the strong emotion of surfing on calm and clear water in the sunset of Pontal overlooking the wide beach!!
Upon request: Dune buggy, local guide.